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 Happy's Christmas Gift - English Edition

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happys christmas gift

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"This is a great Christmas story and Happy is a very lovable character. I look forward to the other Happy books!"
A Moms Take

"I asked my 5 year old for a quote and he said: This book is very special."
The Knit Wit by Shair

"The pictures are beautiful, bright, and cheerful which engages children as much as the captivating story does."
Cori's Coupon Corner

"Ready for a cute book with colorful illustrations to prepare for the Holiday Season?"
Jumpin' Beans

"Happy's Christmas Gift is a lovely, heartwarming story that children of all ages will enjoy."
K. Paynter - Teacher

"Such a delightful story! As a mother of three it has been ideal reading for our whole family to share in Happy's awesome adventure."
S. Talbot - Mom

Oh no! Happy is in trouble again! Having gone out to post his Christmas letter to Santa, he suddenly finds himself on an unexpected journey.

Although Happy is cold and scared at first, his adventure takes a turn and delivers him to magical lands where he discovers that dreams really can come true. Can Happy save the day? And more importantly, will he get home in time for Christmas?

An adorable character and wonderful, traditional Christmas story brought to life by beautiful illustrations. A treasure of a book that will stand the test of time and will surely be a favourite read for all generations.

This book is also available in a bilingual English and Spanish edition

Happy's Book Wins Prestigious Children's Book Award

Gelett Burgess Honor Award

With very few Children's Literature Awards competitions available for international authors we were encouraged to submit our book, "Happy's Christmas Gift", to the prestigious Gelett Burgess Center in Battleground, WA USA. On June 25, 2012 we were informed that Happy's book had won an Honour Award: a wonderful and humbling surprise that will now require a greater responsibility as authors and illustrators to meet the expectations of enthusiastic children around the world.

Our 2012 Gelett Burgess Honour Award winning storybook, "Happy's Christmas Gift", is now our flagship that sets the minimum standard for all Happy Books to make a very positive impact in a child's life as they grow.

"Parents, Educators, Librarians and Retailers trust the high mark of distinction the Gelett Burgess Foundation honors provide a product. Informed decisions about purchasing products designed for children and families can be made knowing that they have passed the Foundation's stringent evaluation process.

Congratulations! We recognize your contribution to children's literature and wish you continued success."

- GELETT BURGESS Center for Creative Expression

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